What gives us the Inspiration to write a book?

Sam's Town                                 Sam's Town 2

My inspiration for Sam and The Sea Witch came from the place I was staying at the time and what I was reading. The idea that sea witches actually exist grabbed my attention and I wanted to know more. Further interest developed when I read about these very poor women, combing the beaches looking for weed. After tying three knots into five strands they would go down to the harbour and sell them to the boat captains. The fact they believed this weed had the power to bring on the winds fascinated me. It gave me the inspiration I needed on the premise that something so worthless could be so powerful in the beliefs of intelligent men like sea boat captains.

Do you believe the boat captains thought the weed had power or do you think there were other reasons why they parted with their money?



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14 responses to “What gives us the Inspiration to write a book?

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  2. Very interesting. Seaweed. It’s funny how humans have a need to believe in the mystical.

  3. Tina Dutton

    I think they believed the ‘old wives tales’ cause if they didnt they were worried what might happen.

    • Like you, Tina, I think there may have been a certain amount of fear involved. Better give a few coins rather than risk retribution, but then surely they would throw the weed into the sea. But they didn’t, they untied a knot and they believed the wind would blow. Maybe there is something in it???

  4. sharonledwith

    Interesting post, Mike! Love how your vacation experience sparked the idea for your book! I believe that superstitions still hold power over people, and that the weed is perhaps part of the fabric of their superstitious beliefs.

  5. Interesting post, Mike. Back in the day people did all kinds of things to bring good fortune or to prevent bad luck. I’m just glad the poor women made a bit of money out of their work.

    • It’s funny you should say that because in the book, Sam listens to the old man, Schooner Stevenson, telling him that the weed brought him good fortune whenever he cast his nets. So I think I must have been thinking along those lines when I wrote the chapter. He also doesn’t want to give it up because he sees it as his insurance policy, thinking if he loses it he will be besieged with bad luck. Thanks for your post Marsha. What genre do you write?

      • Romantic suspense, Mike. Very much in the real world, current day. Not as gritty as some, but more in depth than others. Older H & H and with several generations and multiple POV. The location also is important to the stories. I frequently start with that. In reference to luck, I also thought of those chain letters we used to get in snail mail and now on emails. Do this by whenever and in 7 days you’ll whatever….I seldom act on those, but you always wonder just a bit… 🙂

  6. Interesting how both the story and the place helped inspire you. I wonder how the different the book might have been if you’d read the legend while staying in the middle of a desert or in Manhattan.

    • I don’t think it would have ever been written. But I’m so glad it has. I’m so pleased a simple tale like that one turned into something much bigger. If you want to share what inspired you, please feel free and share links too, if you Wish!

  7. Hi Mike, I’m always interested in discovering what inspires writers to become writers or sparks their imagination to pen a story etc. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Yes, I’m the same. If you want to share your inspiration for writing, I would love to read about it and feel free to leave links if you Wish!.

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