Do you think Sea Witches exist today?

There isn’t an awful lot to read about sea witches. It is believed that they have power over water and wind. They use water in their magic. But apparently you have to be a natural witch. You might be one, you just don’t know it yet. It’s not like being a herbal specialist, where you can read lots of books and build up your skills. You have to have a natural feel for it or so I have read.

I have had someone tweet me, ‘I am a sea witch.’ That was exciting, being able to connect to a modern day sea witch. Or maybe someone was pulling my leg. What do you think?

I’m leaving this link with you where you can acquire ritual spells and water magick equipment, if you fancy having a go. However I’m not validating this site and I certainly haven’t tried it. Just a bit of fun. Let me know how you go on, if you’re brave enough.

samandtheseawitch333x500 Young Adult

Cheers, M. P. Ward

Author of Sam and The Sea Witch



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2 responses to “Do you think Sea Witches exist today?

  1. Love that tweet!(And your sense of humor) However, I’m too chicken to visit that site. I already have nightmares when I was searching through pinterest for images for my WitchCamp board.
    But I love your sea witches’ eyes, even if they are spooky!

  2. Thanks Loren. I am proud to say, those were my idea, as described in the book, long before the cover art. What is WitchCamp board?

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