Blurb for Sam and the Beast of Bodmin Moor


Imagine being the first person to capture the Beast of Bodmin Moor.


The second book in the sea witch series is full of magic, murder, and mystery, within the Cornish setting.


Whilst spending the night camping in the garden, Sam and Johnny hear strange howling noises. The next day Jenny said, “It’s the Beast of Bodmin Moor.” Sam tells her he wants to catch it and this is going to be the best mission ever.


But what does the Beast of Bodmin Moor look like, and how do you catch it, when it has eluded, so many, for so long?


     Jenny tells Sam, “It’s a big cat, released onto the moors when Government officials went around taking them from their owners, back in the nineteen seventies.” She shows Sam a newspaper article about the event. Now he’s desperate to find it.


They set off for Bodmin and soon come across an eerie, campsite, near Saint Cleer (known locally as Hell up by Liskeard). Sam thinks this is the perfect place to hunt for it.


That night a Black Panther circles the camp. Sam thinks he’s found the beast and chases after it into the Forbidden Woods.


But he soon discovers there is more than one creature running around these parts. Sam and his friends have stumbled upon a terrifying secret, hidden away for hundreds of years, and the sea witch has no small part to play in it.


He finds a book hidden beneath an old man’s bed and contained within its leaves are the names of every living Berserker, Lichen Throat and Imp. Later the old man tells him, “When the book is full, it will be the end of us all and Cornwall will be destroyed along with everyone who lives here.”


Sam hasn’t much time, but will he be able to stop the witch, save Cornwall, and capture the Beast of Bodmin Moor?


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