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Is Wattpad a good way to promote your work?

Until recently I didn’t know much about Wattpad, but I have had to sit up and pay attention after my thirteen year old daughter showed me a story she had written called ‘Let It Be,’ and placed it there. Her method was to write a chapter and post it to the site. She shared it out over twitter and Facebook etc. She posted another chapter and did the same. Quite quickly gained a large following. She now has over twelve thousand people reading her story, which is only 30,000 words. So I have decided this has to be a good thing for us budding authors. You retain ownership of the work and can get it down whenever you chose. I’m informed two authors known to my daughter have now acquired publication by gaining a large following this way. If it allows my work to become better known to a wider audience this has to be good.

I suppose the obvious downside is we are posting unedited work, so there will be improvement to be made later on. I’m not too concerned about this at the moment. I put chapters of Sam and The Sea Witch on, a site where readers review your work and in return you review theirs. Only positive things came from that and I was able to use it to attract a Literary agent.

I’ve uploaded my first chapter of ‘It Shouldn’t Happen to a Microlight Pilot,’ and I’ll upload the second in the next day or two. Please take ¬†look and let me know what you think.



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