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How do you know if people are reading your Wattpad stories?

A couple of months ago I put the first chapter of my new book, It Shouldn’t Happen to a Microlight Pilot. I have since put up another three chapters and promoted the fact on Twitter and Facebook. I can see the numbers go up when I do this, currently at 468 readers, but I wasn’t aware what people thought of it because no comments have been left. In fact I saw this as a negative, thinking if they haven’t left a comment they may not be enjoying it.

Last night I went to the pub with my wife and a lady said out of the blue, ‘I’m enjoying the Microlight book, it’s funny, makes me laugh.’ That was such an unexpected compliment. It has inspired me to upload the next chapter, which I’ll do in the next few days. The book is a work in progress. I return to it whenever I can, but at the moment I’m full on with the third book in the Sea Witch series.

Please have a read if you wish and leave a nice comment on Wattpad.Ā 


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