Welcome to the dark cave in my mind. Here you will be excited, scared and thrilled by non stop jaw dropping action. Once you are in, you won’t get out…You won’t want too.

Sam and The Sea Witch is a dark, mysterious, and psychologically gripping tale, about a fourteen year old boy who lives in a Cornish seaside town.

Sam and his friend, Johnny, steal a boat during the night and set off into the bay. The two boys were re-enacting a tale Johnny’s grandfather told them, but when the tale came true and Johnny was dragged into the sea by a horrible witch, Sam was left alone and wondering what to do.

The witch later returned to tell Sam that Johnny’s grandfather stole her pendant fifty years earlier. If Sam wanted to see Johnny alive again, he had to return her pendant on the next new moon.

Go with Sam on his journey to find the pendant.





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